Saturday, June 13, 2009

We Officially Say, Yes! ... Round Two

Here we go again, hopeful and ready to bring home two children and welcome them into our lives forever. We gladly signed the papers again and eagerly printed off pictures to carry with us to show anyone who was interested. We received the referral on Monday and spent all week trying to gather additional information. Normally, one would contact a pediatrician and have them review the medical documents that come with the referral. Since we moved I tried using our old family doctor because they would already have us on file and we had not moved our records yet, but he took all week to say yeah or nay on helping us and then turned us down indicating we should find someone else; thanks, but no thanks. Anyway, there actually was nothing on the children's records to give much concern so we went ahead and signed the papers today, since we have to give a response within a week according to policy and mailed them off to our agency Children's Hope International (CHI).

We are not out of the fire yet, but we are one step closer, the next step is a scheduled court date in the Ethiopian courts which could be several weeks before we have a time frame. So don't hold your breath, besides nobody looks very good when they are blue; except maybe Smurfette!

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