Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Dogs Move Out

One of great things about purchasing a foreclosure home is the renovation. We have noticed several signs of previous pets in the home, one of those has been moldy smell of dogs in the carpet with the primary location being the first room on the right as you enter the hallway as well as some other areas. We have tried all the major solutions, vacuuming (lots), shampooing (lots), and different order absorbing resources, the dogs refuse to vacate the premises. Well, it is time we start playing hard ball, using force. We removed the carpet.

Friday night Raylene's parents and sister, surprise surprise, came over help us move the furniture and things off the carpeted areas and into the garage. Saturday morning, our Home Teachers came over to help with the destruction and Raylene's family once again came over to help and we finished it all in much less than two hours, including taking the carpet and pad to the dump. Now every room the house echos very well and some time Monday morning the installers will be here with our brand new carpet!

So little by little our home looks nicer and nicer and I grow more and more in IOU debt. ;)

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