Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tuscan, Arizona

We just got back from spending a wonderful relaxing 4 days in Tuscan, AZ.

On the drive down we made a short detour to visit the Mesa, AZ Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This tradition was initiated by Raylene when we were first married, which is to visit any near by Temples while we are traveling and we have always enjoyed it a great deal. After spending some time inside and touring the grounds (temple photos) we continued on to Oro Valley, AZ where we would be staying and checked into our room at Worldmark Rancho Vistoso resort.

After spending 9 hours in the car and 2 hours at the temple we were well ... exhausted! So we threw the clothes somewhere in the closet and sat down to eat dinner and just slow down for the evening.

Friday was spent in total relaxed veggitation state within our cool air conditioned room, we did not want to run around and sweat ourselves into oblivion just yet. We did however eat some good food, Raylene got her TLC and Food Network fix, and Patrick re-read a book from one of his favorite book series, Misborn The Well of Ascension. We also made a run to the grocery store for some necessities, ice cream being one of them. :)

Saturday, we went the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, where me met a hawk, investigated scores of reptiles, crawled through a mini-underground cave, saw a mountain lion,
oogled at rattle snakes (well Patrick did at least), meet some iguanas, and enjoyed seeing a host of other desert creatures and desert life: turtles, tarantulas, a glow in the dark scorpion, desert flowers and vegetation, dinosaur fossils, many brilliantly colored minerals, a bobcat, an ocelot, some prairie dogs, some Mexican wolves, two beavers, and coati.

The only sad part was the otter's were a no-show in their exhibit :( . We did take bunch of photos at the museum as well and you can view those here.

Sunday came and we checked out and then drove home. We had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves.

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