Monday, June 22, 2009

Laying It Down

We are slowly but surely making this house a place we are pleased to call home. Today the installers came by around 9:00 am and were done just after lunch time. So something to consider when purchasing new carpet for your home is how thick your current carpet is versus how thick your new will be. We decided to go with a slightly thinner carpet and it did not occur to us until after the new one was installed that we should have painted the base boards while the floor was bare, so now there is a slight color change along the bottom edge of the base boards where the old carpet covered them up and we need to paint them with the newer high gloss white that we put on just prior to moving in. Actually hind sight being 20/20, had I known that we were going to replace the carpet I would have ripped it out before moving in painted the base boards, and then installed the carpet before bringing in all the furniture.

Oh well, it looks great and everyone in the family loves the new fresh carpet smell and the color matches the walls much better. Even the cats have placed their seal of approval on the latest remodeling changes. Raylene's parents and sister came over to help vacuum up the new carpet fuzzys and touch up the base boards before moving the furniture back in place. All in all we are very pleased with the new carpet and also very glad to have our home back. I never realized how critical carpet is to making a house feel like home. Have you ever tried to relax in a house that doesn't have any carpet? I guess the furniture being packed in the garage also had something to do with it, but if I had the choice between carpet and furniture I would take the carpet. Needless to say we spent the weekend with Raylene's family because there was nothing inviting about hanging around our house once the carpet was gone.

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