Friday, March 27, 2009

We Offically say "YES!!!"

The two beautiful girls that we have been falling more and more in love with everyday are going to be ours! As if any of you doubted, we offically signed the acceptance paperwork today! I still can't believe how fast this is all happening, but I'm sure we will be ready in time. Can you believe it, we have two daughters who are waiting for us in Ethiopia!

On another note, our house that was supposed to be closing today, didn't happen. We are now rescheduled for "sometime" on Monday. Patrick will have to take another day off work and we won't be able to start on any of the projects we had hoped to do this weekend. I have to say that working with the adoption world has made me a little more flexible (not to say that I like it that way or that I enjoy it any better). Here's to praying for good things to happen on Monday.

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