Monday, March 30, 2009

No Longer Homeless

Today we had a successful closing on our home! Yay!!! Now the real work begins. Drywall, electrical wiring, painting, repairs, and LOTS of cleaning, but it is worth it! Our home is a 4BR, 2BA and we already have the girls' room picked out. Raylene's favorite feature is the kitchen - nice and big. Patrick's favorite is the wide 2 car garage. Once we get the inside ready we will have to get an updated home study which we will hand carry with us to Ethiopia. It seems like there is always one more thing to get done! But really, that is a blessing because the time just keeps flying by and we are beginning to think that we will be throwing things in our suitcases as we rush out the door to catch our plane in a few months. When we get the house ready we will start on the yard, it needs more grass and less weeds! We should be getting the keys tomorrow and then it will feel more real. Patrick will be driving back to Logan for his final 4 days working at the University of Utah. We are both looking forward to being able to live in the same house after being separated for almost 7 weeks. We are so very grateful to Raylene's sister, Shiloa, for letting up live in her craft room during the move and while we fix up the house - she is amazing!

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