Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yen Can Cook

...or at least I can! When we had our house inspected, we were informed that the digital display on the oven would not even turn on, and therefore didn't work. Patrick and dad looked at the price of a new one, which was pricey ($400) or a refurbished one ($180ish). Since the guy that they needed to talk to about the refurbished one was on vacation, dad decided to open up the circuit board and take a look. He found a thermo.....something that looked blown. So he ordered 4 new ones for under $1. When the parts came in he pulled out his soldering iron and went to work. I can now cook - the display came right up and all is well!!!! I know you are all jealous, but back off, he's my dad (okay, I might share if you're really nice). I love it when I don't have to spend more money - today is a good day.

As a side note, this oven was the most disgustingly dirty thing. Even though it has an automatic oven cleaner setting on it, I don't think that it was ever used. My mom and I literally had to use a plastic putty knife to peel many layers off the bottom. Anyone what some "fruit leather?" There is also a grease trap underneath that was filled and overflowing onto the floor. Yikes - In a moment of extreme brilliancy I started cleaning it almost immediately, before we even knew if the oven could be fixed. I am so happy that the oven now works and all the hard work will be worth it.

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