Saturday, April 4, 2009


This is the bedding set that we ordered for our girls today. Now that we actually know who our children are going to be, it is time to shop! The first thing that Raylene wants to do is to get the girls bedroom ready so that we can take pictures. We are able to send them a photo book so they will be able to see the house and their room before they come home. Raylene has already spent many hours the past few days looking at different bedding sets online (the actual shopping excursion last Saturday didn't prove fruitful). After much deliberation a choice has been made that both of us are really happy with ... we really hope that the girls like it too! We found the sets on sale and we were able to get free shipping, which makes it all the sweeter. Once the bedding has arrived, we will be able to pick out a paint color for the bedroom. Oh, let the fun begin!

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