Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nasty, Grodiness

Grody: repulsive; disgusting; nauseating.

This a word that I haven't used since the 80's, but no other word comes close to describing how dirty and disgusting cleaning this house has been. I have worn out more rags than I can count scrubbing these walls. The rag becomes so dirty, so quickly, that I don't dare not scrub an area for fear that the paint won't stick or that it will seep into my belongings and make all of them dirty too. As bad as the walls, closets, and cabinets have been (and don't even ask about the oven - did anyone ever clean that thing) the carpets have been by far the worst. We vacuumed and vacuumed and then did it some more. We ended up killing my vacuum and broke the belt on Shiloa's. Luckily mom also had a vacuum and it survived the ordeal intact. A moment of silence for the vacuums that gave their all.

This is a picture of the lovely grodiness that Shiloa got out of the office with 10 passes of one room with the vacuum and I had already done the room once or twice. The bagless vacuum would fill up at least half way each time, not really lessening with each pass. We eventually had to say that it was good enough and just shampoo it from there. We are hoping that it will be good enough to delay recarpeting the house for a few more years. With some strategical placing of furniture and a few turns of a blind eye to numerous stains, it just might work. Here's to hoping that the grodiness is down to a livable amount.

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