Friday, February 12, 2010

We made it back!

(This is a repeat post from Face Book)

Hello all! Yes, we are back and we have our kids with us :0) We got home at midnight on Tuesday. The trip to Awassa to meet the children's uncle was amazing although we really missed the kids. We got back from Awassa Sunday afternoon and the kids started acting out a bit. Monday was THE WORST day ever!!! Our little girl would scream at the top of her lungs and kick and cry for hours on end. Then Mamush would act out because we would be trying to calm Kefelech down and he would feel left out.

The trip home was the longest day of my life - both figuratively and literally. With the 10 hour time change our day was 34 hours and more than 30 of those hours were spent getting home. Kefelech continued to have massive meltdowns, but never got to the screaming at the top of her lungs. It was such a hard day. Our first day home (Wednesday) the kids continued to act out and I began to worry that this was the true norm for them. I was so exhausted. Mom came over so I could at least shower and for support. I don't know who flipped the switch on the kids, but it wasn't fun at all.

Luckily yesterday (Thursday) we have began to see glimpses and longer periods of the awesome kids we first meet - I think that we all might make it through this transition. :0) They love all the food that we have given them here, so far, and are in absolute love with play-dough. They spent 2.5 hours playing with it yesterday morning and wanted to play with it for almost another 2 hours in the afternoon.

I don't have much time to post at the moment, as the kids still haven't fully adjusted to our time zone, but we are getting closer. We are doing so much better than the previous 3 days of "Oh my goodness, What have we done?" The kids were back to giggling and being cute!! Yippee -

I will be adding posts with more details about our trip as time allows and of course adding pictures. But for now, I am going to head off to bed!


Missy said...

Welcome Home!! Glad to hear things are getting better!!!

Amanda said...

I'm glad you're home. I'm sorry about the behavior. We had major issues with our son in Ethiopia and after coming home. I hope your issues are NOTHING like ours. They'll get better, with time...everyone's adjusting.

Kris & Staci said...

so glad to hear things are taking a turn for the better! Welcome Home!