Monday, February 1, 2010

The latest from Raylene and Patrick

Hey everyone... This is Shiloa (Raylene's sister) The happy parents asked me to post the texts and emails they send to us here on their blog so that everyone can enjoy this week with them. Just so you all know, Ethiopia is 10 hours ahead.

On Saturday morning (Saturday at 9:00 p.m. for them) we received an email that they were at the guest house (where they will be staying). The trip was long but they arrived with no problems. I also got this text from Raylene, "We are 10 hours ahead. All is great. Can't wait to see it in daylight. We should get a bit of sleep. I sent a message to Mom. Saw a fruit stand. Love it so far."

Yesterday (Sunday) we received a text as well... "Today we were just lazy. Slept well, ate pizza at Green View. Loved hot shower. Nervous & excited about tomorrow, seems surreal. Patrick's phone not working. Love"

Then later that evening my mother got this email... "We just got the Internet to work! I wanted to write a quick note to say hello. Everything is going well and we will see the kids in less than 12 hours! This is so exciting and wonderful and completely nerve racking at the same time. Hope that the cats aren't giving you too much trouble - thanks so much for all that everyone has done to help and support us in getting here. This is truly amazing. I will try to write again tomorrow when I hope to have so much more to tell. Take care, I am going to bed now!
~ Raylene Miller, mommy to 2 :0)"

By now they are with their children... Hooray!!!!

I'll try to keep their blog updated. ~Shiloa

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