Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pictures and Updates

Thanks to some other traveling parents with CHI we received these new photos last night! They are so precious and we can't wait to hold them and love on them. We love that Livy Kefelech is smiling in these. They are so beyond konjo (Amharic: beautiful / handsome)!

We also got an email from our adoption consultant with their updated heights and weights. They are actually shorter in this round of measurements, which really isn't all that uncommon. We have been told that sometimes they are measured with shoes on, the kids can be wiggly, standing on uneven ground, you name it. They are definitely gaining weight, which is great!

Zachariah Mamush

At Referral (11/10/2009)
16 kg - 113 cm
(35.3 lb - 44.5 in)

Now (1/12/2010)
19 kg - 108 cm
(41.9 lb - 42.5 in)

Olivia Kefelech

At Referral (11/10/2009)
15 kg - 105 cm
(33 lb - 41.4 in)

Now (1/12/2010)
16 kg - 103 cm
(35.3 lb - 40.5 in)

We had a travel call with our agency this morning and we should find out our official VISA date tomorrow! Which means we should be able to buy our tickets and finalize and the last minute travel arrangements very soon!


Jerry and Adrienne said...

They are very cute!! We are excited to meet them!! :D

M said...

OHHHH!!! They are sooooo cute! I can't wait to meet them!

Blaire said...

Congrats! They're lucky to have such great parents like you two :)