Sunday, January 24, 2010

Investing for the future

Travel Immunizations $363.00
Lodging while in-country $942.00
Plane tickets for Ethiopia $4,960.00

Seeing our children's faces for the first time ... Priceless!


Melanie said...

hi millers! we miss you guys! we are so excited that you finally get your kids! we'll keep you in our prayers that all goes well!
mike and melanie

The Cheney Family said...

Holy Cow! It's true though.

Lori said...

I just saw a comment on Facebook that Patrick wrote and did a double take...CONGRATULATIONS! It is wonderful to hear that you will have your children soon. Good luck with everything and enjoy every moment!

Mulatu Simeon said...

This is Bekele Shashamo from Ethiopia through Mulatu's address. How are you all doing there? We are fine. Please help me to hear the voices our children­čś¬. My cellphone is +2510913340507.