Monday, August 9, 2010

New Family Photos

Hello All,

I will continue to admit that I am the least active blogger out on the web, life just continues to keep us busy with the normal daily grind. But I promised I would post some updated photos and I always try to keep my promises. Those can be found here in our media gallery.

I am still working two jobs and Raylene still manages things at home. The kids will be starting school soon; Zach will be attending Kindergarten and Livy will be going to Pre-School, both are very excited. They seem to make friends well enough at church and have been invited to a couple of birthday parties already. We are all still making adjustments and getting settled. The kids have come along way in accepting the drastic changes in their lives, but honestly 6 months far too short of a time to expect them, or us, to adjust completely.

Despite growing pains we still manage to have moments of fun and laughter. Just a few weeks ago at the La Verkin City Pioneer Day Celebration Zach asked Raylene if he could have one of the candies he had gathered from candy cannon. She handed him one and he says, 'No the wrapper.' A little confused and curious, Raylene complies with his request. He calls out thanks as he runs back to the adults handing out candy to the children, and then returns with another payload and giggling to his hearts content. It turns out the children were being rewarded with more candy if they picked up trash. So barely five years old and already Zach has demonstrated his cunning and intelligence.

There was something Livy did this weekend that made Raylene and laugh and for the life of me I can't remember right now. So when I do I'll post an update.

Hope this finds you all well! Sincerely, the Millers.            


Melanie said...

Cute family pictures! I'm glad everyone is adjusting well!

The Cheney Family said...

So adorable! I am glad you are doing better. Jade is 2 and I am wondering if we will ever adjust to being parents!