Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One More Room Down

I never thought that unpacking into a larger house would take so long. I seem to remember our last move taking me about one and a half weeks to get everything unpacked. We must have collected A LOT more stuff in the past 3 and a half years! Also this home has a more open floor plan and much less built in storage (except for the wonderful garage which I haven't even begun to organize). So, it is taking a bit longer to unpack because I have to be rather creative with each and every item in order to find a place for it. Last night I finally had the office ~95% complete. This morning it was all done, vacuumed and everything! That now makes a total of 4 rooms done, the office, kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. Now what to tackle? Dinning room, main bath, guest room, or the nightmare craft room? Dinning room wins - I think that I will mostly just have to move all the stuff off the table and into the garage (another nightmare project) and pick up all the tools and empty boxes lingering around. Good luck to me!

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