Sunday, February 15, 2009

Snowy Moving Day

No one would try to pick Valentine's Day as the day you ask for help to load up your moving truck, but that is the way it happened none the less. And as luck would have it, we also had rain and snow. I really am not going to miss that about Logan one little bit! I can't tell you how grateful I was for everyone that showed up to help out - I was truly amazed and humbled, once again, by the goodness of people. The truck was load (full to the brim - next time we move I'm afraid we will have to get His and Her trucks - it just won't fit once we add kids!) and the house cleaned and scrubbed. I did make the comment that if we are supposed to have food storage, we should ever be inspired to move. Yikes! I can see why so many people end up leaving it behind when they move. I'm sure it will come in handy but it sure is a pain to move.

We received a call saying that the closing on the house might happen on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Mom and I were going to wait around the house doing mostly nothing on Monday and leave with Patrick on Tuesday after the signing. We were not willing to wait around for 2 full days with nothing to do, so we left on Sunday, with plenty of time for Patrick to get back for the signing. Mom was an angel and took Katana in her cat carrier, I took Musaka with me, and Patrick got to drive the beast of a truck. Mom discovered that Katana travels better with audio books - she will meow up a storm over music or silence, but does better - not great - with books. A kitty after my own heart! We arrived without incident and packed it all into storage - once again with amazing help from the ward. Now onto finding a home. In the meantime, Patrick will be staying with our cousins, Bonnie and Eldon, up in Logan and I will be living with my sister, Shiloa, down here in LaVerkin. Please, oh please, let this time pass quickly.

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