Saturday, January 24, 2009

6 Years - and still in love!

We decided for our 6th wedding anniversary that we would take a trip to "Where Dreams Come True". We have great hopes for many good and hoped for dreams coming true this year. We were able to stay a few miles from the park and really relax. Overall there were not many crowds, except for the day that we went to Disney's Hollywood Studio. Raylene really enjoyed all the animals at Animal Kingdom and Patrick loved Expedition Everest. The weather was absolutely gorgeous the entire trip, stayed in the 80's and we had to pull out the sunscreen. It was such a wonderful change from all the snow, it was hard to go back.

We were also able to go to a session at the LDS Orlando Florida temple. This has been a hobby of Raylene's lately, while on vacation, to go to the temple if there is one nearby ('nearby' is a rather relative term sometimes). As always, it was peaceful and beautiful. We both noticed that the populous was much more diverse than back home, and though it would be wonderful to live in such an area, we would really miss being close to family. So on with the move from Logan, but not to the east coast.

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